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Stoke Lacy Oral History Project


The Stoke Lacy Oral History Project, has been established as part of the Heritage Lottery Funding initiative which is focused on capturing our village heritage.

Keeping a lasting record of our past is an essential part of maintaining our social history, how things were and how people lived. The Stoke Lacy Oral History project aims to gather oral recordings of people who have lived in the village and surrounding area for many years and collect their memories and experiences on a digital recorder.

Takings these recordings, we will summarize and edit key sections for us to produce Oral ‘sound nuggets’ and documents that demonstrate some of Stoke Lacy’s memorable events, occasions and characters.   

There will be key themes running through the recordings such as the Morgan family, Symonds Cider, Hop picking, the Church, village characters etc., and we intend to do justice to our past by recording and noting it for research and for future generations.

The finished products will be presented and displayed locally and there will be the opportunity for the community to comment on what has been unearthed and add to the richness of the discussion.

Over time we will build up a collection of short podcasts which interweave commentary from various of our generous interviewees. You can find the first on the theme of hop growing in Stoke Lacy right here.



                                                        Hop Growing

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ral history training StokeLacychurch
oral history training Stoke Lacy church
Betty at oral histor training Stoke Lacy Church
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