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The Churchyard Conservation Project

Stoke Lacy Church has been the recipient of a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. This funding has seen the restoration of the church steeple and repair of the roof currently nearing completion. As part of our obligation to HLF several projects are gaining momentum to build on the heritage of the church. One of these is a conservation project in the churchyard.

Andrew Nixon of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust has twice visited the churchyard with recommendations of how to develop aspects of the grounds as a wildlife haven.


As the seasons come and go various flora and fauna are evident in the area. Cowslips, for example, have long been a welcome site in late spring. The grassland area on the north side is ideally suited for encouraging a range of invertebrate species which will benefit if managed as a hay meadow. This means we have to allow the grass to grow, set seed and then be cut.


Birds in the area need encouraging and a number of nesting boxes have been placed on various trees to attract them to nest in the spring. At present moles and rabbits are busy visitors. They cause damage to the grounds and must be discouraged. Two wild cherry trees have been planted close to the hedge on the east side.


The conservation programme is beginning to take shape and in due course an interpretation board will be put up to inform visitors of what can be seen in the churchyard, adding interest to their visit.


Richard Combe, Church Warden

During Lockdown the churchyard has seen very few visitors. However wild flowers are springing up all over.

Stoke Lacy Church 14.jpg

St. Peter's & St. Paul's Church, Stoke Lacy (Photography 

IMG_6961 (2).JPG
Andrew Nixon (1).jpg
Church Graveyard Wild Flower. Forget-me-
Church Graveyard Wild Flower. Ajuga Rept
Church Graveyard Wild Flower. Hypochaeri

Hypochaeris. Cat's Ear.

Ajuga Reptans. Bugle. 


Church Graveyard Wild Flower. Lotus corn

Lotus corniculatus. Bird's-foot-trefoil

20200501_134503 (2).jpg
Church Graveyard Wild Flower. Pilosella

Pilosella Aurantiaca. Orange Hawkbit or Fox and Cubs

Church Graveyard Wild Flower. Plantago l

Plantago lanceolata. Ribwort Plantain

Primula veris. Cowslip

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