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St Peter & St Paul's Church

Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire

The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul marks the centre of our village both geographically and also as the heart of our small community. However the church is falling down and needs some tender loving care to preserve it for future generations.

Our steeple boasts wooden shingles, popular in Herefordshire if not elsewhere in the United Kingdom. Wooden shingles rot and the resulting gaps allow rain, snow and jackdaws to gain entry. This is what happens to our wonderful, medieval bells....

Heritage Lottery Fund

Having failed in our first lottery bid we were finally successful in gaining a £100k award to renovate the Church fully provided we, in return, researched and disseminated the village's heritage. Operating under the banner of Harvesting Our Heritage, the community has got fully involved in meeting our side of the bargain. We have people of all ages and backgrounds researching the archives, taking oral histories from older residents, designing a herb garden, developing a wildlife area in the Churchyard and much, much more. This website presents our findings.

Medieval church bells
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