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Private William Charles Boucher, aged 20


William Boucher was born on 1 June 1897 at Woodfield Cottage, Ullingswick to parents Charles and Ellen Sophia.


William knew hardship long before he joined up: he was just eight when his father died of kidney failure and he was already working as a farm labourer at the age of 13, in 1911. At this time he was living with his mother and step-father John Chambers at Lydiates, Stoke Lacy.


His early entry into the adult world may explain why William Boucher lied about his age in order to join the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry. He received the Star Medal for service overseas in 1914 and 1915, yet his 19th birthday, the legal minimum age for such service, was 1 June 1916.


William Boucher’s death certificate states that he died on 16 October 1917 though this is unlikely given the position of his regiment on that day. It is more likely that he died when they were fighting in Loos in the period March to July. It is unlikely we will ever know for sure.


William is buried at the Loos British Cemetery, Pas de Calais. His mother is buried in Stoke Lacy churchyard.


loos cemetery.jpg

Loos British Cemetery Source:Wikipedia

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