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Who needs the Spice Girls when you’ve got Daphne? Girl Power!

Thanks Daphne Montandon for this inspiring story (inspriring ... see what I did there?)

"I had been having thoughts about the view from the top of the tower so the other day, while posting my grandson's birthday card, I plucked up the courage to go and ask one of the workmen if I could climb up to the top of the tower. He took one look at me and said "I don't think so Love!" to which I quickly replied "Why not? Do you think I am too old?". (I'm not quite 80 years old yet.) I think he felt a little embarrassed about his comment so he called up to his mate and they then agreed it would be O.K.

They were extremely safety conscious, holding the ladder at both ends as I climbed to the first platform when I thought 'Perhaps this is far enough'! However, when they suggested 'Did I want to go further?,' of course I replied, "I was good to go!"

With a lot of care and attention to my safety, we reached the TOP. Hurrah! My escorts seemed as excited as I was and suggested ringing my husband, Nigel, to come and photograph the event. I must say he was somewhat surprised to say the least when I told him where I was standing.

stoke lacy renovations
Daphne and her new pals

The descent was equally cautiously executed. Safely back on terra-firma more photographs and handshakes all round.

A very worthwhile excursion on such a glorious February day. Many thanks again to remarkably helpful roofing friends."

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