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Unknown Tomb Discovered at the Morgan Church, Stoke Lacy.

Felicity Taylor of “Church and Site Archaeology” tells John Davies, Stoke Lacy Heritage Project coordinator, that he holds part of the window lintel of the original Norman church founded in 1279. It was found, along with other dressed, carved and painted stones, as builders were digging a new soakaway for the grant aided church restoration project.

A large brick arched family tomb was also discovered underground, centrally, in a key location in front of the East window where it is likely the remains of a significant family lie. The tomb was surrounded by dressed and painted stones from the old church and are thought likely to have been buried around the time of the re building of the current nave and tower in 1863 (Rector William Kempson died in 1859) or the re building of the chancel which took place in 1485 ( Rector John Vaughan died in 1484 - pre-reformation so he was a Roman Catholic priest). The tomb may also belong to a wealthy landowning family.

Once the research is completed it is hoped to reveal the names of the occupants of the tomb in the next few months.

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