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The Return of the Stoke Lacy Flag Bandit

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

So last November it was rumoured that the flagpole outside the Church had a little visitor who rather charmingly replaced the Union flag for a Peace flag. Given this was on Remembrance Sunday it may have ruffled a few feathers but it certainly rang home an inspirational message.

Well, today being Valentine’s Day, the Church has had another visitation. This time, thanks to the spire-high scaffolding, the work of the Phantom Flag Bandit, right on top of the spire, is plain to see for miles around. This time the flag is a beautiful display of brightly coloured hearts. So not exactly UDI for Stoke Lacy. Not really a minor rebellion. More a beautiful act of Love.

Many thanks to whoever you are, Flag Bandit. You brought many a smile to the village on a day when we said goodbye to a dear friend, Ann. The sun shone, the birds sang and the hearts fluttered on the breeze


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