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Radio Fame

Have you given an interview for television or radio? I have, on average every 23.5 years, so I thought I was ready for Lizzie Lane of Hereford and Worcester BBC last Thursday when she came calling for news of our “Harvesting Our Heritage” project for the Kate Justice Sunday breakfast programme. After all I should know this subject inside out.

Lizzie Lane was good, she knew her business and about Stoke Lacy so we had a relaxing discussion before we started. The first question was about the Morgans and the Church? My mind decided, like a PC, to do a virus scan at the critical moment. Who were the Morgans?? After 3 attempts I answered coherently but forgot the names Henry, George and HFS and put them in the wrong century – I had them leaving the village before they arrived.

Things did improve and I could see the very tolerant Lizzie Lane began to have hope that she would have something to air.

Next time I will prepare some notes and practice beforehand.

Listening to yourself is disembodying. Who is that speaking? What an accent?

I have discovered that I use “errh” as my favourite word.

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John's radio interview can be heard at 1 hr 40 into the programme

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