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Morgan 110th@Stoke Lacy 6th July 2019

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

What a day it was! Visitors started arriving before noon and by 12.30 - half an hour before the planned opening - the events were underway. Visitors and classic cars simply kept arriving, the numbers reaching 1500 and 75 respectively by 3.30pm.

More than 100 people from the village community - many meeting each other for the first time - helped with the running of the day on stalls, catering and stewarding.

The variety of events and activities meant there was something for everyone.

  • An Art, Ceramics and Blacksmithing exhibition was held at Stoke House ( built for Dorothy Morgan), artists exhibiting included Colin Simmonds, Alfred Mann, Nigel Montandon and David Preston and other local crafts were displayed (wood working by Maurice Clother, decorative glasswork Hollybush Studios and leatherwork by ESB Leather).

Morgan artwork
David Preston's Morgan

  • Two local bands, Worcester Ukulele and Springfield Swing, both of which encourage the development of musical talent, enthralled their audiences for 4 hours in total.

  • Up to 50 enthusiasts toured the Wye Valley Brewery located on the site of the original Symonds Cider plant.

  • 45 Morgan cars, including four 3 wheelers and 30 other classic cars were lined up for all visitors to explore and admire. Some of which were driven to the Old Rectory for their photographic record of the occasion in front of the famous porch.

  • A 3 wheeler and a 4 wheeler Morgan car were continuously in demand for the experience of a 15 minute drive.

Morgan 3 wheeler
Peter Chapman and Mike's friend Dick off for a jaunt in the 3-wheeler.

  • Village bakers, male and female, displayed their huge range of home bakes for consumption during the day.

  • Visitors had the opportunity to explore elements of the history of the Morgan family in Stoke Lacy plus that of 3 notable families who are remembered in the graveyard or in the church, the Ayletts, Blissetts and Bydawells, in a history exhibition in the church. Oral History recordings were also available as part of the exhibition in the run up to the event with the opportunity for a cream tea.

Stoke Lacy Church
Reunion of the Village Voices

  • Almost 100 adults and children mounted the narrow staircase to see the ancient bells, be introduced to the basics of bell ringing and learn of Stoke Lacy's connection to the famous Stedman campanology family.

  • Vintage sports mirroring those competed for during the Morgan era were held on a sports arena mowed on Church Farm's neighbouring field. Only one sporting injury was recorded!

  • Outline plans for other ongoing elements of the Heritage project including the Herb Garden and the enhancement of the Church yard as a wildlife haven were also displayed.

Local businesses benefited from the influx of visitors, especially the Plough Inn and the Three Horse Shoes.

A total of £625 was raised for other charities: Help for Heroes, Parkinson's UK and Stoke Lacy Village Hall.

This Heritage event was a major success on so many levels not least of which was that everyone who attended had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

We are grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund for their financial support and for those many people who helped so much in the preparation and on the day to make it a memory that will live on in Stoke Lacy for years to come.

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