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Hi Vis Vests and Elderflower Lemonade

And so it was with the Vicar’s liquor that we celebrated Father’s Day at this year’s Village Fete. As usual it was Clive’s home-made wine stand that got the party started, this year with the addition of a barrel of sparkling elderflower lemonade. Adding to the overall atmosphere was Bridget’s "almost-impossible-to-lose” bottle stall (hic!). For once the weather didn’t dampen our spirits but a budding entrepreneur would have cashed in on a coat stall. June it might have been but summer it wasn’t!

Thanks to Rachel for the parking field and huge thanks to the “boys” that were the parking wardens -hi vis at the ready. Is it true that Colin only goes out if he is allowed to wear a hi vis vest? (Mental note – next year we need more traffic cones.) Thanks to Tina and the gang for retrieving stuff from the village hall and driving it all back again without anything dropping off the van.

The afternoon passed in a sea of tea and cakes, scones and jam, Clive’s wine (did I mention that already?) and candy floss! (Thanks to Geoff and Janet) Many games for the younger residents (those who have not quite reached that 75th birthday yet) including hoopla, beat-the-goalie, shooting hoops and skittles. If it weren’t for the elderberry and blackberry wine we might actually remember who won!

We even had our own art installation courtesy of the ever-smiling Nigel Montandon. A thoughtful World War 1 reflection headlining his striking poppies (more of which will be available for sale in the Autumn).

Over the road at the Old Rectory you could have your photo taken in a vintage Morgan. One fine lad called Morgan had his picture taken in the Morgan which all proved too much for those filling in the order forms. Unfortunately many of the customers mistook the prosecco glass props as freebies leading to a rather makeshift early communion!

This happy community event was rounded off with a quarter peel by our lovely bell-ringers. What is it they say about putting the FUN into FUNdraising?

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