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A Message from On High

From Clive Evans, the Vicar: Last Tuesday morning, I climbed to the top of the scaffolding around the tower and steeple. It’s quite a view from there! If you get up close to the old shingling, you can easily see the extent of damage caused by birds no doubt after tasty grubs. It’s no wonder that rain was getting in from the outside and that you could see daylight from the inside! The old shingles are also weathered and covered in lichen. And they are remarkably thin. The new shingling is much more robust and the work is progressing well and on schedule.

There is a little bit more scaffolding to be erected, to extend to and beyond the weathercock. We believe this and the vane to date from the Victorian restoration and rebuilding of the church over 150 years ago. The weathercock will be removed and regilded. Then I hope with some ceremony, we will put it proudly back in its place, some time before Easter.

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